Would you like to brighten up, create a theme or add some life to a room? If so, You have come to the right website. We supply and deliver high quality Wallpaper Murals and Photo-Walls. We can even customise wallpaper murals to your requirements.

Wall murals have been used since ancient times. This is seen with almost all civilizations like the Egyptian, Indian, Greek and Roman. Popular murals of the ancient days are the murals of Buddhist monks and by Michelangelo during the renaissance period. Using mural our ancestors were able to convey a meaning. This very meaning has today been used by the advertising community to propagate information to the masses. The walls murals are the precursor to the modern day bill board advertising seen today.

Wall murals are the latest trend in interior designing these days. Painting murals on walls has been a prehistoric art found even on caves. Today’s wall murals are much easier to get and no longer meant for the very few who can afford them. These are digitally printed on to wallpapers to give such a clear picture that it appears practically real. They are printed on wet strength paper with bright and striking colors that do not fade and can be cleaned with a damp sponge making them very simple to maintain.